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With Leitner System and the 800 Words, transcend the limits of the English language with the power of Notion!

If you learn only 800 of the most frequently-used lemmas in English, you will be able to understand 75% of the language as it is spoken in normal life.

- Professor Stuart Webb

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Simplify your journey in learning English with VocabNotion

Hey there! Welcome to VocabNotion, the ultimate vocabulary manager powered by Notion. We have got some awesome features lined up to make your English learning journey a piece of cake. Check them out:

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Effortless Learning

Say goodbye to vocabulary learning stress. VocabNotion makes learning vocabulary easy! Our user-friendly Notion template enables you to effortlessly review words using the Leitner system on customized flashcards. The cards also include the audio pronunciation of the word you will learn.

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    Word Lists

    In VocabNotion, we have created two word lists: "myWords" and "800words" in Databases. In myWords, we have created a customized template so that you can add and study the words you want. 800words contains 800 essential words in English, carefully selected by "Professor Stuart Webb".

      More Features

      Master your journey of learning English vocabulary and understanding spoken English

      Our comprehensive Notion template is designed to empower you in your journey of learning English vocabulary. With our user-friendly features, customizable layouts and flawlessly functioning Leitner System, learning English vocabulary has never been easier.

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      Flashcard with Leitner System

      With 800 audio pronunciation flashcards created for each word, you will be able to experience the Leitner system perfectly 💯. The Repeat Date will be automatically set when you move the word to the next box 🚀.

      Your Words

      Your Words

      VocabNotion, 800 words is not limited! ⚡You can make a custom word list, myWords, for new words you are learning in any language or specific field.


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